We are getting many questions in regards to users making their business paperless. It is a topic that cannot be considered lightly when considering the legal implications associated with an insurance claim. Smallbiz has the option built in to be paperless however we recommend seeking your own advice as to how it could potentially impact your business.

Storing Documents

For documents that have been filled out using pen & paper, Smallbiz has a documents area where these documents can be scanned and stored. They can then be viewed or printed at a later date.

Paperless Forms

Smallbiz can use specifically created PDF Forms documents that can be filled out via a tablet / Ipad. This can be enabled for businesses wanting documents filled out without using paper or a pen where a client has signed their name on a screen. The document would then be stored in Smallbiz where it can be viewed or printed at a later date.

Digital Signatures

If you are in an environment where medical forms need to be secured and not altered you may want to consider using a “Digital Signature”.

To be even considered legally valid, a document needs to be digitally signed. Often doctors request this facility, so they can be sure that the information they relied upon has not/cannot be changed after they base decisions upon it.

Forms can be filled out and signed via a tablet. The form can digitally be signed proving that no one has altered the document since it was created. The electronic signature creates a certificate embedded in the document it is signing and is date stamped (via external servers). You have a guarantee the document has not been changed since the time it was certified. Individuals, businesses or even the doctors can have their own digital signature¬Ě (often on a memory stick device).

As part of PDF Forms/Word documents, you can see and insert dated signatures. Smallbiz manages these documents.

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